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Our Gratitude Comes From… Faith + Family + Friends

The day has come when we can finally share this journey with you! A journey that started as a seed that was sown early on in our marriage, and has blossomed into the beginning of an incredible company, that we are prayerful will change the way homes are built in the Texas Hill Country. Before we even start to tell you about our new venture, or how we ended up launching Younger Homes®, we must give a big shout out to everyone who has believed in us, and helped us get here! This incredible support system, made up of outstanding professionals and endearing friends and family, have blessed our path and we are forever grateful!


How can you be in the home industry without knowledgeable, professional and likable realtors? Kerri Baldwin, Sandy Hoffman and Emily Dieckmann have been the power women behind good real estate decisions leading up to and growing Younger Homes®. We are so thankful for all the valuable information these ladies brought to the table to enable Jesse and I to make wise choices, and now helping us grow our business with some wonderful clientele!


After we purchased our first piece of Texas, we needed help determining next steps. All we knew, was “Green Dreams” was starting to take shape, and we wanted a project we could both test our skill set. It was in the meeting with our architect, Donovan Davis, when we first said, we’re builders, that it started to sink in. The Danze and Davis Team helped us bring integrated design + sustainable building to life, without even knowing it! They designed a home that made our first project a dream to build.


Between breaking ground and finishing touches on our first project, we have had a tremendous amount of help from subject matter experts in the field, but nothing beats the wisdom of your Dad. Jesse’s father, Roland Younger, has been building and remodeling homes for 40+ years, and has been our go-to for any-and-all home construction related advice and guidance. We are beyond grateful the Lord has allowed a true family business, but we hope not to interrupt retirement too much!

Speaking of family, the two professionals that have helped the most in maintaining systematic building practices and interior design are long time family friends, Josh Trlicek and Haley Manning (@haleyamanning). Josh comes from a background of smart builders, and Haley has a natural talent in design that is just breathtaking. Not to mention their hearts, two of the sweetest people you will ever meet! Haley has been integral in developing our style, modern but timeless interior and exterior design, and I’m confident she is the very best interior designer in the whole world. Where Josh has been Jesse’s sounding board for the last 9 months, and has helped grow his confidence as a home builder.


Last but certainly not least, Anastasia and the team at The Identité Collective. They are the ones who brought our brand, Younger Homes®, to life. Literally, we penned our ideas using the IDCO amazingly thorough brand identity process, and they delivered a branding suite and company website that brought us to tears, well, because, it was better than anything we ever imagined. Not only was Anastasia extremely professional, but ever so talented, and it just shines through as she so beautifully captured everything Younger Homes® stands for.

In summary, we would not be here without FAITH + FAMILY + FRIENDS. There have been many supporters along the way, but we specifically wanted to recognize these individuals because we hope you get to meet and interact with them one day for your business needs or as future clients. Chances are, they will have touched your custom home, and we want you to know our team. We are truly forever grateful, and we can never say that enough! We can’t wait to start this journey with you!

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