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"By wisdom
a house is built,
and by understanding it is established." 
Proverbs 24:3



Danielle grew up in the Texas Hill Country, where her love of the outdoors as a child instilled a deep respect for the environment, and a strong desire to preserve our natural surroundings. When she met her husband, Jesse, they dreamed of setting roots and raising their children in the pristine Texas Hill Country, and of eventually working together as a husband and wife team. Danielle’s vision of preserving the Texas Hill Country, and building beautifully sustainable homes eventually took hold. As their paths narrowed, Danielle and Jesse realized how their passions complemented each other, and all roads pointed to the creation of Younger Homes in Austin, Texas.


It was during her studies and research at Texas A&M University, Danielle began to hone her innate desire to be a part of making a real difference in creating a sustainable world for future generations. She received her Bachelor of Science in Bioenvironmental Science with a Minor in Agronomy, as well as a Master of Public Health with an emphasis in Environmental and Occupational Health. Through national and international research in Public Health and Environmental Toxicology, she began to understand the impact of the environment on human health, and the importance of protecting public health through educating individuals to make informed choices. After graduation, she began a fulfilling and successful career working for a major Oil and Gas company, where she helps others better understand the impacts of Environmental Health and Safety to deliver safe offshore operations.


The home is where families spend the most time, energy, and resources, and it is in this place where we can all make a difference. Danielle’s background shaped beliefs that through education and awareness, environmentally sustainable and healthy homes, will become standard building practice. She is confident the vision of Younger Homes will protect the health of individuals, communities, and create a sustainable and healthy world for her children and future generations.

Jesse has always had the knack and love for design, constructing and understanding how things work. He started working for his dad’s home building company when he was 15. While digging holes in the Texas Summers, he learned the importance of quality construction practices, the art and science of carpentry and drafting, and about the home building industry.


While Jesse appreciated construction, he desired a new challenge that involved working with his hands, but fostered his innovative and systems approach mindset. When it came time to choose a university, it was the Texas A&M Mechanical Engineering discipline that would provide that challenge. Jesse graduated with honors, and started his career in the oil and gas industry working as an Engineer and Project Manager. This chapter of life taught Jesse how to schedule and manage multi-million dollar, highly complex projects with tight deadlines, and involvement from multiple stakeholders. Jesse worked with a diverse range of engineered systems from processing plants, drilling rigs, and architectural lighting products, but the common thread among each endeavor is always his attention to detail and strong relationship with his business partners.


Jesse has an exceptional ability to solve complex problems, and this is how green home building would sneak back into his life. When Danielle first mentioned her idea of Green Dreams, Jesse started his research to make her dreams come true. He realized Green Building and Integrated Design in residential construction are rapidly changing the way homes are built. With his passion for treating the home as engineered system, he knew he could build smarter and more efficient homes. Providing for his daughter and son, while improving the quality of life around them fills him with pure joy. While, working alongside his wife and family in the Texas Hill Country is his dream come true.


Roland’s passion for building began when he built a treehouse in the woods behind his childhood home when he was 12 years old. Fast forward 50 years, and he created and sold one of the nation’s largest and most trusted home building and remodeling companies in Houston, Texas. We could not be prouder to have his expertise and experience on the Younger Home team. 


As a child, Roland’s family vacationed in the Highland Lakes region and that is when Roland fell in love with the Texas Hill Country, and dreamed of living in the area. In 1979, he purchased land in Lago Vista, and in the years following, vacationed there for many years with his wife and 2 sons, before purchasing their first home and property in 2010 in Jonestown, Texas. 

As a builder Roland’s credentials and background are extremely impressive. He started working for a home builder at the age of 14, and at 16 he started his own business as a subcontractor specializing in residential construction and decking. After high school, and while working for a Master Carpenter, he studied at the State Technical Institute at Memphis (STIM), and received his certificate in Architectural Drafting. Upon Roland’s return to Houston, he continued to work as a Carpenter Foreman and Superintendent building residential homes and commercial high-rises. In 1978, he started his own home building and remodeling company, that eventually developed into Living Improvements. Roland and his wife, owned and operated Living Improvements for over 30 years, received numerous awards (listed below), and grew the company into one that was effortlessly sold when Roland decided to retire in 2017.  Upon the sale of Living Improvements, Roland and his wife are now spending most of their time enjoying the Texas Hill Country, on their Lake Travis property, while providing technical expertise to Younger Homes.



Nation’s “Top 500 Remodelers”

Professional Remodelers Market Leaders

Houston’s BEST Award for Best Outdoor Living Area by the GHBA

Guild Quality Service Excellence Award

Nation’s “Remodeling 550”

Texas Association of Builders’ Star Awards for Best Remodeling Addition 

Nation’s “Exterior 200”

Prism Award Winner for Best Remodel Design of the Year by the GHBA

Fort Bend Sun Readers’ Choice Award Winner