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Building Balance: How We're Changing the Culture of Construction

Work-life balance is not just a buzzword at Younger Homes. As I reflect on my upbringing in the construction industry over the last 38 years, I can't help but acknowledge the profound impact it had on my family dynamics. My father, the founder of a respected remodeling company in Houston, poured his heart and soul into his work for 45 years. His dedication was awe-inspiring, but the toll it took on our family was undeniable. At the age of six, my parents' divorce served as a stark reminder of the potential pitfalls in an industry where work often takes precedence over life.

While my family faced one of the greatest fears of every child, divorce, the harsh reality is that the construction industry grapples with even more alarming statistics. According to the CDC, construction workers have the second-highest suicide rate among all industries in America. These figures are more than mere statistics; they reflect the real, often hidden struggles and untold stories of many within our field. This is our "why".

When my wife Danielle and I embarked on the journey of founding Younger Homes, we made a conscious decision to prioritize a work culture that values and respects the delicate balance between professional and personal life. We understood that the construction industry demands resilience, and we were determined to create an environment that safeguards the well-being of our family and our entire team.

Our industry is not for the faint of heart—especially in custom home building where mistakes are highly visible and compliments are scarce amid ongoing problem-solving. Nevertheless, we are dedicated to reshaping this narrative. We are on a mission to transform interactions among employees, trades, and clients, fostering a culture of support and understanding.

For our clients, we are deeply grateful for their trust in us as experts, making decisions that best serve their needs. We appreciate their patience and understanding, recognizing the importance of thoughtful communication and their willingness to trust our process. This approach allows our team the space to maintain the balance essential for thriving in our demanding industry.

To our trades, we extend a hand beyond the work at hand. We listen to their stories, recognizing their worth beyond a single task or project. Compliments and affirmations are not overlooked; we celebrate our team's victories, both big and small. Mistakes are viewed as opportunities to learn and improve, not reasons for chastisement.

Crucially, for our employees, we have built a support system that goes beyond the job site. A community approach to PTO, counseling, 401(k) plans, and health insurance are not just perks; they are integral parts of our commitment to their overall well-being. We acknowledge the need for downtime and actively encourage it, knowing that a balanced life leads to a fulfilled and productive workforce. Work-life balance also leaves a margin for our employees to pursue their callings outside of their professional lives.

Needless to say, I deeply understand the unique challenges posed by the construction industry, having experienced them throughout my life. By God's grace and mercy, when I was in high school, our family reunited when my parents remarried. This experience fostered a special understanding of the trauma that can unfold from a lack of balance between work and home.

As you can see, our commitment to building more than just houses is deeply rooted in life circumstances that have shaped our perspectives. Work-life balance is not merely a concept; it's a core value that guides everything we do. Now, with children our own, aged ten and seven, along with many employees, trade partners, and clients relying on our leadership and company culture, we are rewriting the narrative in an industry often plagued by imbalance. We take these steps one at a time, aware that we can't always make everyone happy, but firm in our belief that when work and life are in balance, the benefits ripple through our entire community at Younger Homes.

If you've made it this far, don't feel guilty for wrapping up and heading home to play catch, take your daughter on a date, catch up with a good friend, or jump back into that unfinished project at home! After all, you can't pour from an empty cup.



Here's what one of our valued clients had to say about their experience with Younger Homes (p.s. Danielle here letting you in on a little secret... Jesse's love language is words of affirmation ;)):

"What really sets Younger Homes apart is the relationship building that is fostered through the entire build experience. We felt so at ease with their strong work ethic, not to mention their high quality standards in the construction and design! We are beyond blessed to have Younger Homes not only build a house, but create a home for our family!" - Nicole C.


Tamara Sims
Tamara Sims
May 09

Absolutely love what you are doing for your industry, in our community & creating a high quality home. Your integrity precedes you & that speaks volumes in a world a current culture. Thank you for all you do!

May 16
Replying to


Thank you for your incredibly kind words! All glory to God!!

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